5 Free Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy Courses to Keep Your Family Healthy

One of the most important elements of preparing your family for emergencies is taking care of health issues. If you get sick, and there isn't a doctor available, you may need to treat your own problems. Learning alternative medicine can help you treat basic issues and stay healthy. These free courses will show you how to use basic home items and food as remedies to treat common ailments.

These courses are no substitute for medical care. If you can see a doctor, then I would highly suggest you visit one. However, there are times when you may need to treat yourself, and these courses can help you.

Explore the tools and techniques used for making and administering herbal medicines in this free online course. Do you want to learn how to set up a herbal pharmacy using tools and plants already found around your home? This course will teach you how to tap into the power of herbs to treat common illnesses. We will examine the unique properties of some 30 different herbs and the ailments they cure. You will also learn to make tinctures, medicinal oils, salves, pills, and much more. Harness the healing power of herbs and improve your well-being. Enroll today!

This free online course teaches you everything you need to know to use herbs as organic medicines and beauty products. If you're interested in all-natural herbal medicine, this course is an excellent place to start and provides the information and insider tips you need to perform herbal therapy. We explore the history of herbalism and trace its evolution from ancient herbal remedies to today’s advanced medical and cosmetic products. We provide the skills you need to use the healing power of plants to help yourself or your clients to look and feel your best.

This free online course introduces you to the world of homeopathy and homeopathic remedies clearly and simply. Homeopathy is one of the most widely used and trusted alternative systems of medicine in the world. It was developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann two centuries ago and is a system of natural health care. ‘Understanding Homeopathy’ is an introductory course and a perfect opportunity for anybody interested in homeopathy to learn about the subject. It will familiarise you with the world of homeopathy and homeopathic remedies thoroughly.

Learn about homeopathy, its functional principles, and its use in treating several ailments in this free online course. The human body has the ability to influence the healing of a variety of ailments. Knowing this, how can we stimulate the human body's vital energy to cure illness? This course takes a holistic approach to health, introducing fundamental concepts of homeopathic treatment to help you achieve health and wellness. Discover why some people prefer homeopathic to conventional treatment and make homeopathic remedies to support several conditions.

Learn the Ayurvedic lifestyle in this free online alternative medicine course to maintain a healthy body and mind.

This alternative medicine course outlines the ancient Hindu discipline of Ayurveda, known as the 'science of life'. An Ayurvedic lifestyle can help you balance mind, body and spirit to prevent disease rather than treating it. Explore the benefits of Ayurveda and learn the powerful healing effects of herbs and oils and how to grow and prepare them at home. Sign up to adopt a holistic approach to health and wellness by balancing diet and exercise.

Develop a beautiful herb garden and learn the diverse applications of herb plants in this free online course.

Are you looking to design an aesthetically pleasing herb garden in your own home? Do you want to add herbs to your diet? This course will help you grow your very own herb garden and covers their many applications. Humans have used herbs since ancient times as agents for cooking and healing or as fragrances and gifts. So don't waste any more time. Begin this gardening course today and build the perfect herb garden for your home.